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Dr. Baylee McGuire, DC


Dr. Baylee McGuire is the newest addition to the team and Epic Connection's second Principled Neurologically-Based chiropractor! Dr. Baylee was a Chiropractic Assistant at Epic Connection for close to 2 years and fell in love with Chiropractic. She graduated from Logan University in St. Louis while we eagerly awaited her return to the Epic Team. She has a history of working in medical offices, but came here to spread the love of health and healing the natural way. Her mind and attitude both make a huge difference in our lives and we are so glad to have her with us on our mission to create a healthier community. She has a wonderful husband, Micheal, and a 7-year-old sweet boy, Xander. She joined the team in January 2024 to serve beautiful Broken Arrow. Our office is equally blessed and excited to have her join us again!

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