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Chiropractic care can serve veterans!


Meet Zach. Zach served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years and return from a deployment with fractured vertebrae and routine seizures. He was told he needed surgical intervention immediately or he would be paralyzed. With routine Chiropractic care, not only did Zach avoid invasive spinal surgery, but he is able to maintain a high quality of life! In fact, he was able to fulfill his dream in being a California Hot Shot firefighter. He has benefitted greatly from Chiropractic care! Even better, he hasn't had a seizure in years!

Who deserves quality care more than our United States veterans? So many of our veterans risk their lives to defend our country and come back home with some form of physical, mental and emotional injury. Zach is a wounded war veteran who found HOPE through specific Chiropractic care. We care about you as a full human, and our passion is relieving complications sustained from injuries during your service. In fact, George Kennedy was quoted, "A Chiropractor was able to accomplish in three weeks what army doctors couldn't do in two years." Your spine is your lifeline, and it houses the nervous system. If your nervous system has interference in it, it can't possibly work the way that it is supposed to. We can restore proper function in your body. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you return to optimal health.

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