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What Others Say About Us

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This place feels more like home than it does a doctor’s office, and the staff has always made me feel like family. I already have recommended chiropractic to those that I love. I tell everyone I can about how much Dr. Malaki has helped me… I finally have my life back!

-Josh B.

I could not be more grateful for Dr. Malaki and his staff. If they had not taken the time and effort to sit down and talk me through everything, I would still be suffering right now. I had no idea what I was missing out on!


- Chandler R.


I saw the most improvement starting about three months into treatment, but I felt relief right away. The level of personal care at Epic Connection Chiropractic is unmatched. Every member of my family sees Dr. Malaki for routine care, because his staff is so positive, welcoming, and caring for their community. My quality of life has increased tremendously!

- Heather C.


The office is always clean, with amazing staff. Over the past year, most of my back pain has subsided. I would and have recommended Chiropractic care to those who are sick, suffering, and in pain.​

- Ryan V.


I have been amazed with the results over the past year. My lower back and hip pain has really improved, and my husband has experienced relief of his major headaches as well! I would highly recommend Dr. Malaki and Epic Connection Chiropractic!

- Debbie U.


You're not just creating a business here... You're creating a FAMILY.

- Ryan G.


Having a career as a Nationally-Certified Massage Therapist, I appreciated his thorough investigation of my spine, including the bones, muscles, and nerves that were being affected by misalignment. The treatments have brought positive change, and quite often, pain relief.

- Deb P.

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I love coming for my adjustments for so many reasons! Now I can breathe easier, ECC is so family-focused, and they take the time to explain everything. That’s so rare with most doctors these days!


- Lauren S.

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 I had suffered from these aches and pains for four years. After just my first month with Dr. Malaki, I no longer need to take any over-the-counter medications. ECC helped change my quality of life WITHOUT any drugs or medications!

- Tara H.

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I truly believe that his care is the main reason I made is as far as I did in my pregnancy. The adjustments helped make my body optimal for delivery of my baby. 

- Lindsey W.

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Over the past year that I've been going to Epic Connection Chiropractic, they have given me my life back. I used to dread waking up, knowing I was going to be in pain. No longer having that feeling, I look forward to waking up each morning!

- Camran D.

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