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Chiropractic care can serve babies!


Meet Atlas. This little man has a special place in our heart, because he takes his name from the very first bone in your spine. The first cervical vertebrae also goes by the name of "the Atlas." With the help of Chiropractic treatment, he is a strong, healthy baby boy thriving in optimal health.

Dr. Bolton feels passionately enough about the babies in our community that he is a member and certified Chiropractor with the ICPA (Pediatric Chiropractic). He adjusted his newborns within minutes of their birth, and is a firm believer in Chiropractic's power for our precious babies. We can help with infantile colic, nursing issues, torticollis, and many more issues that come up in that little's first year of life. 

Many people understand how traumatic the birthing process can be, especially mommas! Because of the pulling and twisting on baby's head and neck during delivery, we encourage mom's to have baby checked in our office soon after birth to ensure they are free of any nerve interference. There is no such thing as too young for a Chiropractic adjustment, although an infant's adjustment will look quite different from an adult's adjustment. Dr. Bolton utilizes a very light and specific touch - about the tension you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato or avocado - to remove subluxations and allow the wonderful Innate Intelligence to restore health to your sweet baby. It is important that they start out in life on the right foot, and Chiropractic can help them reach and maintain optimal health throughout development!

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